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Table 2 Three defensive lines strategies to manage border malaria in Yunnan

From: Seven decades towards malaria elimination in Yunnan, China

Line Scope Objectives Measure
1st Border counties, including townships and villages Timely detection and response for every case according to the requirements of ‘1–3-7’ Strengthen surveillance and response capacity
Improve the quality and capacity for case detection and case management in village and township hospitals by training, monitoring and supervision
2nd International borderline Improve case detection effectiveness; ensure all suspected cases are tested
Reduce importation from neighbouring countries
Reduce receptivity in border villages
Register and monitor migrants, in collaboration with immigration offices
Distribute malaria kits at border health facilities and immigration offices
Increase human resources in laboratories in border health facilities
Detect cases proactively in border villages with migrants
Conduct vector control in border villages
3rd Myanmar border regions Reduce incidence of malaria in Myanmar border region and importation to Yunnan Support capacity building in Myanmar border regions through training and technical support
Support outbreak response
Provide commodities as required
Exchange information