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Table 1 Key messages of The Open Skåne 2030 Framework 12

From: A participatory approach to address within‐country cross‐border malaria: the case of Menoreh Hills in Java, Indonesia

Key messages
1. Find a common purpose for stakeholders and emphasize the potential of the common good.
2. Focus on the process rather than the product. Create ownership and involvement from all stakeholders.
3. Trust the process. Guide the process by being receptive and owing with rather than controlling it.
4. Emphasize governance processes involving people and power over constructing a formal framework of structures.
5. Create ownership of the process through leadership and ambassadors.
6. Involve and empower other sectors (not only health).
7. Joint mobilization requires leadership characterized by courage and a willingness to take risks.
8. Do background analysis first in order to assess the characteristics of the situation.