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Table 3 Problems Identified during Phase 2

From: A participatory approach to address within‐country cross‐border malaria: the case of Menoreh Hills in Java, Indonesia

Problem Magelang Purworejo Kulonprogo
Funding (amount and budgeting mechanism)
Intersectoral coordination
Current regulation at village and sub-district level
Community malaria workers (inadequate numbers or skills) (inadequate in skills)
Health care workers (inadequate in numbers or skills)
Lack of stakeholders’ commitment (leadership) (District) (District, Sub-district, Village) (Village)
Lack of infrastructure and facilities (Labs, consumable, RDT, Bednets)
Confusion about case definition among health care workers (import vs. indigenous), particularly in cross-border villages
KAP is low:
Perceived fear from malaria
Treatment adherence
Community participation in migration surveillance is poor
High cross-border mobility
Imported cases from outside Java Island
Difficult geographical accessibility
Breeding place along many rivers