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Table 1 Time horizons for decision-making in the health sector [82]

From: Climate-proofing a malaria eradication strategy

Investment 2–5 decades Carbon emissions mitigation strategies
Malaria eradication strategies
Major infrastructure investment
Workforce development
Strategic planning 6–20 years Research and development of medical countermeasures (e.g., drugs, vaccines) and vector control tools (e.g., new insecticides)
Improving the nutritional content of crops
Health facility investments
Curriculum development
Policy cycles 2–5 years 4- to 5-year political cycle
Health service re-organization
2- to 5-year research grant cycle
Planning cycles < 2yrs Annual planning and commissioning cycle
Demand for visible ‘quick wins’ from funders
Seasonal preparedness and response < 4 months Seasonal planning cycle
Epidemic/disaster preparedness and response
Weekly facility management < 1 week Weather disaster preparedness and response
Patient scheduling for non-urgent cases