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Table 1 Detection of parasite containing wells per group transfected group

From: Improved Plasmodium falciparum dilution cloning through efficient quantification of parasite numbers and c-SNARF detection

  Plate number Positive wells Detected modified/integrated loci
Group A Plate 1 8 0
Plate 2 42 Invalidated
Plate 3 24 2
Group B Plate 1 26 1
Plate 2 32 2
Plate 3 24 2
Group C Plate 1 18 12
Plate 2 16 Not tested
Plate 3 21 Not tested
  1. Group A represents three experiments that used manual determination of parasitaemia and total cell numbers with an estimated 0.3 parasites/well in limiting dilution microplates. Group B consists of three experiments using limiting dilution setup using flow cytometry with EtBr-DNA staining and 0.3 parasites/well. Group C consists of three trials of limiting dilution using flow cytometry, the SYBR Green I reagent, and 0.2 parasites/well. The column “Detected Modified/integrated Loci” shows the number of detected modified loci in each plate