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Table. 1 Species-specific nucleotide sequence loci of Anopheles species in COI and ITS2

From: Prediction of species composition ratios in pooled specimens of the Anopheles Hyrcanus group using quantitative sequencing

COI mC.122 mC.260 mC.387 mC.443 mC.525 mC.527 mC.582 mC.590
 An. pullus C T C A T A C T
An. lesteri T T T A T A T T
An. sineroides C A T T T A T T
  skba T T T A C T T C
ITS2 rI.370 rI.372 rI.377 rI.378 rI.380 rI.384 rI.389 rI.400
 An. sinensis A C T A C T A G
An. kleini G T C A T G A G
An. belenrae A C C G C T T A
  1. Species-specific nucleotides were screened from CO1 and ITS2 alignment for members of the Anopheles Hyrcanus Group
  2. a skb = An. sinensis, An. kleini and An. belenrae