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Table 4 Distribution of the immediate adoption by pregnant women of supervised IPTp-SP uptake of the three doses during their facility visit

From: The provider’s checklist to improve pregnant women coverage by intermittent preventive malaria treatment in Mali: a pilot implementation study

Number of women who adopt the supervised use of the 3 SP doses Before the checklist
n = 100
After the checklist
n = 100
Yes 0 59 < 0.001
No 100 41
Reasons for not taking SP during pregnant women according to their degree of information n = 100 n = 41/100  
I have not eaten yet, and I was told that I could take it at home after a meal to minimize side effects 75 27  
The doctor did not explain to me that I must take it immediately here 20 5
There is no water at the facility to take the treatment 0 1
I prefer to take it at home (with more hygiene) 5 7
I must take a blood sample before taking the treatment 0 1