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Table 5 The effective IPTp-SP uptake compared to the scheduled IPTp-SP post-study uptakes until childbirth days of the pregnant women recruited with a gestational age between four and eight months

From: The provider’s checklist to improve pregnant women coverage by intermittent preventive malaria treatment in Mali: a pilot implementation study

Women who confirmed by phone the total SP intakes Before the checklist
n = 50a
After the checklist
n = 69
Correct number like the theoretical due IPTp-SP uptake date 19 66 < 0.0001
Not a correct number, fewer than the theoretical due IPTp-SP uptake date 31 03
  1. We excluded in this table the 9 months and above pregnant women because they had to take almost zero next SP (NB: Even by adding all participants the difference remains highly significant)
  2. a25 women do not reply to the phone call or changed the phone number