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Table 3 Malaria outbreak emergency preparedness and response at Tongogara Refugee Camp Chipinge District, Zimbabwe, 2021

From: Factors associated with a malaria outbreak at Tongogara refugee camp in Chipinge District, Zimbabwe, 2021: a case–control study

Activity Target Achieved
Number of health workers trained   
 Integrated disease surveillance and response 5 2
 Malaria case management 7 5
Emergency preparedness   
 Availability of standard treatment protocols for malaria Available Available
 Rapid Response Team (RRT) 1 team available 1 team available
 EPR plan Available Available
Outbreak detection and notification   
 Outbreak detection, notification and response Within 48 h Untimely: Outbreak was detected after 7 days and notified after 14 days
 Initiation of investigation Within 48 h Untimely, the RRT initiated the investigation 3 weeks after the outbreak was detected
 Line list Available Not available
 Spot map Available Not available
Outbreak control   
 Outbreak control 14 days The outbreak persisted for 28 days
 Community sensitization and health education Done Done
 Distribution of mosquito nets in the last 6 months 85% 2%
 IRS (population coverage) 95% 85%
 Insecticide efficacy testing in the last 6 months Done Not done
 Larviciding 95% 0%