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Figure 1

From: Susceptibility of human Plasmodium knowlesi infections to anti-malarials

Figure 1

IC 50 values for anti-malarial drugs against Plasmodium isolates, using the schizont maturation assay. Data points represent mean IC50 values (nM) derived from single experiments performed in triplicate. Plasmodium knowlesi (black symbols), P. vivax (red symbols) and P. falciparum (green symbols). Filled symbols indicate R2 values ≥ 0.8, with unfilled symbols indicting R2 values < 0.8. Mefloquine, MQ; Chloroquine, CQ; Artemisinin, AR; Artemether, AM; Artesunate, AS; Dihydroartemisinin, DHA. Note that there is only mefloquine data for one of the two P. vivax isolates.

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