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Table 2 Statistically significant biological processes and pathways of key P. falciparum malaria-associated genes inferred from PlasmoDB v46 and gene ontology database

From: Network-driven analysis of human–Plasmodium falciparum interactome: processes for malaria drug discovery and extracting in silico targets

Enriched biological process
Gene Ontology (GO)-ID Process Gene ontology term name P-value Adjusted p-value
GO:0019904 Protein domain specific binding 1.77e−3 7.08e-3
GO:0004842 Ubiquitin-protein transferase activity 5.31e−3 4.25e-2
GO:0019787 Ubiquitin-like protein transferase activity 5.75e−3 4.60e-2
GO:0051568 Histone h3-k4 methylation 0.0103149 0.030945
A. Enriched pathway
 Pathway ID Pathway-name P-value Adjusted p-value
 ec00310 Lysine degradation 3.87e-2 3.87e−2