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World Malaria Day 2022

"Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives.”

Malaria is a disease that has been with us for many years and affects millions of people every day. World Malaria Day, on April 25th each year, is used to highlight the burden of this disease to the world. The theme for this year's World Malaria Day is 'harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives.'

Malaria Journal launched twenty years ago and during that time we have published many landmark and innovative papers. In 2020, the journal launched an ongoing open Collection: Alternative interventions to facilitate malaria elimination - inviting innovative approaches to malaria elimination.

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Alternative interventions to facilitate malaria elimination
Thematic series - open to submissions

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Here are some of the innovative articles you have been reading or talking about in the last year (based on Altmetric scores)

Investment case for malaria elimination in South Africa: a financing model for resource mobilization to accelerate regional malaria elimination

Combining malaria vaccination with chemoprevention: a promising new approach to malaria control

Unlocking the human factor to increase effectiveness and sustainability of malaria vector control

Supporting countries to achieve their malaria elimination goals: the WHO E-2020 initiative

Malaria as part of larger, global issues

Malaria blogs from BugBitten

New Content Item BugBitten is a dedicated blog platform for the  parasitology and vector biology community. It is run by a small group of regular bloggers assisted by guest posts from the community. 

Long-term benefits of bed nets in Malaria endemic areas

A story of two fevers: when malaria is the price of gold

Surveillance of insecticide resistance mutations in local Anopheles populations in Cabo Verde

Une histoire sur un timbre: the recent history of malaria events told through stamps

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