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World Malaria Day 2024

"Accelerating the fight against malaria for a more equitable world."

World Malaria Day, on April 25th each year, is used to highlight the burden of this disease to the world. This years theme is accelerating the fight against malaria for a more equitable world.

The theme highlights the disparities and inequities in access to malaria treatment, prevention and detection services across the world, and even within the same country. The inequities are not just down to money, but also attitude, culture and the stigma of disease.

On this page, Malaria Journal highlights some of our most talked about articles in recent years relating to inequity.

This is a retrospective collection and all articles on this page underwent Malaria Journal's standard peer review process.

Addressing child health inequity through case management of under-five malaria in Nigeria: an extended cost-effectiveness analysis

A malaria knowledge, attitudes and practice survey in a rural community in Guinea

The economic burden of malaria: a systematic review

Inequalities in the use of insecticide-treated nets by pregnant women in Ghana, 2011 and 2017

Disentangling the intersection of inequities with health and malaria exposure: key lessons from rural communities in Northern Borneo

Decomposition of socioeconomic inequalities in the uptake of intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy in Nigeria: evidence from Demographic Health Survey

The Gini coefficient as a useful measure of malaria inequality among populations

Investment case for malaria elimination in South Africa: a financing model for resource mobilization to accelerate regional malaria elimination

Addressing key gaps in implementation of mosquito larviciding to accelerate malaria vector control in southern Tanzania: results of a stakeholder engagement process in local district councils

Assessing Thailand’s 1-3-7 surveillance strategy in accelerating malaria elimination

Accelerating malaria elimination in Cambodia: an intensified approach for targeting at-risk populations

Malaria blogs from BugBitten

New Content Item BugBitten is a dedicated blog platform for the  parasitology and vector biology community. It is run by a small group of regular bloggers assisted by guest posts from the community.

Dancing with mosquitoes: engaging children in the fight against malaria

Greening Urban Landscapes: A Climate-Resilient Future with Mosquito Challenges in Mind

Finally, a malaria vaccine is being distributed

Malaria-free Cabo Verde: a public health success!

A new potential way of tracking malaria incubation periods in mosquitos

Locally acquired malaria in Europe and the US

New report of a bacterium that blocks malaria transmission

A jab at malaria – WHO, GAVI and UNICEF announce mass vaccine distribution plans

Could making buffets for mosquitoes help us learn about their preferences for human hosts?

Malaria Prevention in Rural Cambodia

Is a new threat being blustered to Africa?