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Volume 7 Supplement 1

Towards a research agenda for global malaria elimination


Edited by Marcel Hommel

Publication of this supplement has been made possible with funding from FNIH, FIND and The Wellcome Trust.

  1. Content type: Review

    Integrated vector management (IVM) is defined as "a rational decision-making process for the optimal use of resources for vector control" and includes five key elements: 1) evidence-based decision-making, 2) i...

    Authors: John C Beier, Joseph Keating, John I Githure, Michael B Macdonald, Daniel E Impoinvil and Robert J Novak

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2008 7(Suppl 1):S4

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Review

    Monitoring and evaluation of malaria control in pregnancy is essential for assessing the efficacy and effectiveness of health interventions aimed at reducing the major burden of this disease on women living in...

    Authors: Bernard J Brabin, Marian Warsame, Ulrika Uddenfeldt-Wort, Stephanie Dellicour, Jenny Hill and Sabine Gies

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2008 7(Suppl 1):S6

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Review

    Following a long period when the effectiveness of existing mono-therapies for antimalarials was steadily declining with no clear alternative, most malaria-endemic countries in Africa and Asia have adopted arte...

    Authors: Christopher JM Whitty, Clare Chandler, Evelyn Ansah, Toby Leslie and Sarah G Staedke

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2008 7(Suppl 1):S7

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Review

    Effective anti-malarial drug treatment reduces malaria transmission. This alone can reduce the incidence and prevalence of malaria, although the effects are greater in areas of low transmission where a greater...

    Authors: Nicholas J White

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2008 7(Suppl 1):S8

    Published on:

  5. Content type: Review

    More attention is being focused on malaria today than any time since the world's last efforts to achieve eradication over 40 years ago. The global community is now discussing strategies aimed at dramatically r...

    Authors: Mary R Galinski and John W Barnwell

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2008 7(Suppl 1):S9

    Published on:

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