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  1. Content type: Research

    Entomological monitoring is important for public health because it provides data on the distribution, abundance and host-seeking behaviour of disease vectors. Various methods for sampling mosquitoes exist, mos...

    Authors: Monicah M. Mburu, Kennedy Zembere, Alexandra Hiscox, Jomo Banda, Kamija S. Phiri, Henk van den Berg, Themba Mzilahowa, Willem Takken and Robert S. McCann

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:51

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Research

    Improving access to early diagnosis and treatment (EDT) has increasingly proven to be a major contributor to decreasing malaria incidence in low-transmission settings. The Malaria Elimination Task Force (METF)...

    Authors: Jade D. Rae, Suphak Nosten, Stéphane Proux, Aung Myint Thu, Win Cho Cho, K’Nyaw Paw, Eh Shee Paw, Paw Bway Shee, Saw Aye Be, Saw Hsa Dah, Saw Ku Ler Moo, Saw Myo Chit Minh, Paw Wah Shee, Jacher Wiladphaingern, Saw Win Tun, Ladda Kajeechiwa…

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:50

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Research

    Malaria is a leading cause of mortality and morbidity in tropical countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. In Senegal, a control plan implemented in the beginning of the 2000s has enabled a substantial red...

    Authors: Babacar Diouf, Fode Diop, Yakhya Dieye, Cheikh Loucoubar, Ibrahima Dia, Joseph Faye, Mbacké Sembène, Ronald Perraut, Makhtar Niang and Aïssatou Toure-Balde

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:48

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Research

    Community health workers (CHWs) provide preventive care and integrated community case management (iCCM) to people with low healthcare access worldwide. CHW programmes have helped reduce mortality in myriad cou...

    Authors: Elizabeth Davlantes, Cristolde Salomao, Flavio Wate, Deonilde Sarmento, Humberto Rodrigues, Eric S. Halsey, Lauren Lewis, Baltazar Candrinho and Rose Zulliger

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:47

    Published on:

  5. Content type: Research

    Accurate identification of malaria cases is crucial to the management of cases and the eventual success of malaria eradication agenda. This study is designed to evaluate the discriminatory and predictive accur...

    Authors: Adeniyi Francis Fagbamigbe

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:46

    Published on:

  6. Content type: Research

    As surveillance is a key strategy for malaria elimination in South Africa, ensuring strong surveillance systems is a National Department of Health priority. Historically, real time tracking of case trends and ...

    Authors: Craig Davies, Rebecca Graffy, Mbavhalelo Shandukani, Ednah Baloyi, Laura Gast, Gerdalize Kok, Frans Mbokazi, Alpheus Zita, Mandla Zwane, Ray Magagula, Aaron Mabuza, Wayne Ramkrishna, Natashia Morris, Jacqueline Porteous, George Shirreff, Lucille Blumberg…

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:45

    Published on:

  7. Content type: Research

    Indoor residual spraying (IRS) with Actellic 300 CS was conducted in Lira District between July and August 2016. No formal assessment has been conducted to estimate the effect of spraying with Actellic 300 CS ...

    Authors: Abdulaziz Tugume, Fiston Muneza, Frederick Oporia, Arthur Kiconco, Christine Kihembo, Angela Nakanwagi Kisakye, Peter Nsubuga, Sekimpi Deogratias and Adoke Yeka

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:44

    Published on:

  8. Content type: Research

    Despite malaria control programmes having successfully increased the number of households owning insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) in Malawi, the population of people with ITN access but still not using them flu...

    Authors: Owen Nkoka, Martha Sinya Chipeta, Ying-Chih Chuang, Deleon Fergus and Kun-Yang Chuang

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:43

    Published on:

  9. Content type: Research

    To control and eventually eliminate vivax malaria, radical treatment with primaquine (PQ) is essential after completion of blood-stage treatment. Although in many malaria-endemic countries, village health volu...

    Authors: Akiko Yoshii, Makoto Sekihara, Takuro Furusawa, Francis Hombhanje and Takahiro Tsukahara

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:42

    Published on:

  10. Content type: Research

    The levels of insecticide-treated net use among pregnant women and uptake of intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy, have been sub-optimal in Nigeria. Previous studies have reported positive correlatio...

    Authors: Ahmed Dahiru Balami, Salmiah Md Said, Nor Afiah Mohd Zulkefli, Norsa’adah Bachok and Bala Audu

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:41

    Published on:

  11. Content type: Research

    Anti-malarial treatments effectiveness remains a critical challenge for control programmes. However, when drug efficacy is established, the dose is calculated based on a predefined weight according to the pati...

    Authors: Moussa Djimde, Hanen Samouda, Julien Jacobs, Hamidou Niangaly, Mamadou Tekete, Seydou B. Sombie, Erick Josephat Mgina, Bakary Fofana, Issaka Sagara, Ogobara K. Doumbo, Michel Vaillant and Abdoulaye A. Djimde

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:40

    Published on:

  12. Content type: Research

    Innovative and cost-effective strategies that clear asymptomatic malaria infections are required to reach malaria elimination goals, but remain a challenge. This mixed methods study explored people’s attitudes...

    Authors: Fatou Jaiteh, Yoriko Masunaga, Joseph Okebe, Umberto D’Alessandro, Julie Balen, John Bradley, Charlotte Gryseels, Joan Muela Ribera and Koen Peeters Grietens

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:39

    Published on:

  13. Content type: Methodology

    Rodent malaria models are extensively used to predict treatment outcomes in human infections. There is a constant need to improve and refine these models by innovating ways to apply new scientific findings and...

    Authors: Diana Caridha, Mark Hickman, Lisa Xie, Franklyn Ngundam, Erin Milner, Amanda Schenk, Kirk Butler, Dylan Nugent, Patricia Lee, Norma Roncal, Susan Leed, Eve Hosford, Jangwoo Lee, Richard J. Sciotti, Gregory Reichard, Chad Black…

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:38

    Published on:

  14. Content type: Research

    Insecticide-based interventions have averted more than 500 million malaria cases since 2000, but insecticide resistance in mosquitoes could bring about a rebound in disease and mortality. This study investigat...

    Authors: Filémon T. Tokponnon, Yolande Sissinto, Aurore Hounto Ogouyémi, Adicath Adéola Adéothy, Alioun Adechoubou, Télesphore Houansou, Mariam Oke, Dorothée Kinde-Gazard, Achille Massougbodji, Martin C. Akogbeto, Sylvie Cornelie, Vincent Corbel, Tessa B. Knox, Abraham Peter Mnzava, Martin J. Donnelly, Immo Kleinschmidt…

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:37

    Published on:

  15. Content type: Research

    Injectable artesunate (AS) is the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended medication for the treatment of severe malaria followed with an oral artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT). There are few stu...

    Authors: H. Hilda Ampadu, Kwaku Poku Asante, Samuel Bosomprah, Samantha Akakpo, Pierre Hugo, Helga Gardarsdottir, Hubert G. M. Leufkens, Dan Kajungu and Alexander N. O. Dodoo

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:36

    Published on:

  16. Content type: Research

    Medicinal plant research may contribute to develop new pharmacological control tools for vector borne diseases, such as malaria.

    Authors: Annette Habluetzel, Barbara Pinto, Sofia Tapanelli, Judith Nkouangang, Michela Saviozzi, Giuseppina Chianese, Annalisa Lopatriello, Alain Rodrigue Tenoh, Rakiswendé Serge Yerbanga, Orazio Taglialatela-Scafati, Fulvio Esposito and Fabrizio Bruschi

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:35

    Published on:

  17. Content type: Correction

    Following publication of the original article [1], the authors flagged an error concerning a reference to a product in the Methods section.

    Authors: Smita Das, Roger B. Peck, Rebecca Barney, Ihn Kyung Jang, Maria Kahn, Meilin Zhu and Gonzalo J. Domingo

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:33

    Published on:

    The original article was published in Malaria Journal 2018 17:118

  18. Content type: Research

    Despite decreases in incidence and related mortality, malaria remains a major public health challenge in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS). The emergence of artemisinin resistance threatens these gains and h...

    Authors: Stephanie D. Nofal, Thomas J. Peto, Bipin Adhikari, Rupam Tripura, James Callery, Thanh Mai Bui, Lorenz von Seidlein and Christopher Pell

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:32

    Published on:

  19. Content type: Research

    Malaria is an important disease in many tropical countries. Rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) are valuable tools for diagnosing malaria in remote areas. The majority of RDTs used for the diagnosis of Plasmodium falci...

    Authors: Gustavo Fontecha, Alejandra Pinto, Denis Escobar, Gabriela Matamoros and Bryan Ortiz

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:31

    Published on:

  20. Content type: Research

    The activity and haemolytic toxicity associated with primaquine has been linked to its reactive metabolites. The reactive metabolites are thought to be primarily formed through the action of cytochrome P450-media...

    Authors: Pius S. Fasinu, N. P. Dhammika Nanayakkara, Yan-Hong Wang, Narayan D. Chaurasiya, H. M. Bandara Herath, James D. McChesney, Bharathi Avula, Ikhlas Khan, Babu L. Tekwani and Larry A. Walker

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:30

    Published on:

  21. Content type: Research

    Anopheles funestus mosquitoes currently contribute more than 85% of ongoing malaria transmission events in south-eastern Tanzania, even though they occur in lower densities than other vectors, such as Anopheles a...

    Authors: Emmanuel W. Kaindoa, Halfan S. Ngowo, Alex J. Limwagu, Magellan Tchouakui, Emmanuel Hape, Said Abbasi, Japhet Kihonda, Arnold S. Mmbando, Rukiyah M. Njalambaha, Gustav Mkandawile, Hamis Bwanary, Maureen Coetzee and Fredros O. Okumu

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:29

    Published on:

  22. Content type: Research

    Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) is the recommended treatment against uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum infections, and ACT is widely used. It has been shown that gametocytes may be present after ACT...

    Authors: Jetske G. de Boer, Annette O. Busula, Jet ten Berge, Tessa S. van Dijk and Willem Takken

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:28

    Published on:

  23. Content type: Research

    Malaria control remains a leading health challenge in Mozambique. Indoor residual spraying (IRS) is an effective strategy to control malaria transmission, but there are often barriers to reaching the coverage ...

    Authors: Amílcar Magaço, Carlos Botão, Pedroso Nhassengo, Mohomede Saide, Arminda Ubisse, Sérgio Chicumbe and Rose Zulliger

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:27

    Published on:

  24. Content type: Methodology

    The transcriptional regulation that occurs in malaria parasites during the erythrocytic stages of infection can be studied in vivo with rodent malaria parasites propagated in mice. Time-series transcriptome pr...

    Authors: Abhinay Ramaprasad, Amit Kumar Subudhi, Richard Culleton and Arnab Pain

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:26

    Published on:

  25. Content type: Research

    In several Apicomplexa, the formation of moving junctions (MJs) at the interface between the external membranes of the invading parasite and the host cell is essential for the process of parasite invasion. In Pla...

    Authors: Perla Salgado-Mejias, Flavio L. Alves, Kátia S. Françoso, Karin A. Riske, Emerson R. Silva, Antonio Miranda and Irene S. Soares

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:25

    Published on:

  26. Content type: Research

    The development of malaria transmission-blocking strategies including the generation of malaria refractory mosquitoes to replace the wild populations through means of gene drives hold great promise. The standa...

    Authors: Tibebu Habtewold, Sofia Tapanelli, Ellen K. G. Masters, Astrid Hoermann, Nikolai Windbichler and George K. Christophides

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:24

    Published on:

  27. Content type: Research

    The World Health Organization recommends the use of artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) to treat uncomplicated malaria for the control of malaria across the world. There are several types of ACT used a...

    Authors: Alioune Camara, Leah F. Moriarty, Timothée Guilavogui, Papa Sambou Diakité, Joseph Souba Zoumanigui, Sidikiba Sidibé, Ibrahima Bah, Ibrahima Kaba, Djebory Kourouma, Koho Zoumanigui and Mateusz Plucinski

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:23

    Published on:

  28. Content type: Research

    Since malaria parasites highly depend on ribose 5-phosphate for DNA and RNA synthesis and on NADPH as a source of reducing equivalents, the pentose phosphate pathway (PPP) is considered an excellent anti-malar...

    Authors: Kristina Haeussler, Isabell Berneburg, Esther Jortzik, Julia Hahn, Mahsa Rahbari, Norma Schulz, Janina Preuss, Viktor A. Zapol’skii, Lars Bode, Anthony B. Pinkerton, Dieter E. Kaufmann, Stefan Rahlfs and Katja Becker

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:22

    Published on:

  29. Content type: Research

    Current World Health Organization recommendations for the management of malaria include the need for a parasitological confirmation prior to triggering appropriate treatment. The use of rapid diagnostic tests ...

    Authors: María Linares, María Postigo, Daniel Cuadrado, Alejandra Ortiz-Ruiz, Sara Gil-Casanova, Alexander Vladimirov, Jaime García-Villena, José María Nuñez-Escobedo, Joaquín Martínez-López, José Miguel Rubio, María Jesús Ledesma-Carbayo, Andrés Santos, Quique Bassat and Miguel Luengo-Oroz

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:21

    Published on:

  30. Content type: Research

    Plasmodium vivax malaria elimination can only be achieved by the deployment of 8-aminoquinolines (primaquine and tafenoquine) in combination with ACT to kill both blood and liver-stage parasites. However, primaqu...

    Authors: Germana Bancone, Didier Menard, Nimol Khim, Saorin Kim, Lydie Canier, Chea Nguong, Koukeo Phommasone, Mayfong Mayxay, Sabine Dittrich, Malavanh Vongsouvath, Nadine Fievet, Jean-Yves Le Hesran, Valerie Briand, Sommay Keomany, Paul N. Newton, Gornpan Gorsawun…

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:20

    Published on:

  31. Content type: Research

    Studies of the association between the level of anti-malarial antibody and protection from malaria infection can yield conflicting results if they fail to take into account differences in the malaria transmiss...

    Authors: Arnold Reynaldi, Arlene E. Dent, Timothy E. Schlub, Sidney Ogolla, Rosemary Rochford and Miles P. Davenport

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:19

    Published on:

  32. Content type: Research

    Control of vivax malaria in endemic areas requires management of recurrence. The Brazilian National Malaria Surveillance System (SIVEP-Malária) records every case of malaria in Brazil, but is not designed to d...

    Authors: André Daher, Júlio C. A. L. Silva, Antony Stevens, Paola Marchesini, C. J. Fontes, F. O. Ter Kuile and David G. Lalloo

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:18

    Published on:

  33. Content type: Research

    Transfusion with Plasmodium-infected blood represents a risk for malaria transmission, a rare but severe event. Several non-endemic countries implement a strategy for the screening of candidate blood donors inclu...

    Authors: Valentina D. Mangano, Francesca Perandin, Natalia Tiberti, Massimo Guerriero, Franca Migliaccio, Marco Prato, Lucia Bargagna, Stefano Tais, Monica Degani, Federica Verra, Zeno Bisoffi and Fabrizio Bruschi

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:17

    Published on:

  34. Content type: Research

    Studies reporting the natural immune responses against malaria in children from different geographical settings in endemic areas are not readily available. This study was aimed at comparing the immune response...

    Authors: Tebit Emmanuel Kwenti, Tufon Anthony Kukwah, Tayong Dizzle Bita Kwenti, Babila Raymond Nyassa, Meriki Henry Dilonga, George Enow-Orock, Nicholas Tendongfor, Nota Damian Anong, Samuel Wanji, Longdoh Anna Njunda and Theresa Nkuo-Akenji

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:16

    Published on:

  35. Content type: Methodology

    Early and accurate diagnosis of malaria is a critical aspect of efforts to control the disease, and several diagnostic tools are available. Microscopic assessment of a peripheral blood smear enables direct vis...

    Authors: Evashin Pillay, Shanaz Khodaiji, Belinda C. Bezuidenhout, Monwabisi Litshie and Thérèsa L. Coetzer

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:15

    Published on:

  36. Content type: Research

    Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PDd), haemoglobin C (HbC) and S (HbS) are inherited blood disorders (IBD) common in populations in malaria endemic areas. All are associated to some degree with ...

    Authors: Lynn Grignard, Catherine Mair, Jonathan Curry, Laleta Mahey, Guide J. H. Bastiaens, Alfred B. Tiono, Joseph Okebe, Sam A. Coulibaly, Bronner P. Gonçalves, Muna Affara, Alphonse Ouédraogo, Edith C. Bougouma, Guillaume S. Sanou, Issa Nébié, Kjerstin H. W. Lanke, Sodiomon B. Sirima…

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:14

    Published on:

  37. Content type: Research

    A malaria vaccine based on Plasmodium falciparum apical membrane antigen 1 (AMA1) elicited strain specific efficacy in Malian children that waned in the second season after vaccination despite sustained AMA1 anti...

    Authors: Andrea A. Berry, Eric R. Gottlieb, Bourema Kouriba, Issa Diarra, Mahamadou A. Thera, Sheetij Dutta, Drissa Coulibaly, Amed Ouattara, Amadou Niangaly, Abdoulaye K. Kone, Karim Traore, Youssouf Tolo, Vladimir Mishcherkin, Lorraine Soisson, Carter L. Diggs, William C. Blackwelder…

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:13

    Published on:

  38. Content type: Research

    Prior to this project, only a handful of online visualizations existed for exploring the published literature on molecular markers of antimalarial drug resistance, and none specifically for the markers associa...

    Authors: Sabina Dahlström Otienoburu, Ignacio Suay, Steven Garcia, Nigel V. Thomas, Suttipat Srisutham, Anders Björkman and Georgina S. Humphreys

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:12

    Published on:

  39. Content type: Research

    Antibodies targeting malaria blood-stage antigens are important targets of naturally acquired immunity, and may act as valuable biomarkers of malaria exposure.

    Authors: Priyanka Barua, James G. Beeson, Kenneth Maleta, Per Ashorn and Stephen J. Rogerson

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:11

    Published on:

  40. Content type: Research

    Reduced artemisinin susceptibility and artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT)-resistance against Plasmodium falciparum and chloroquine (CQ)-resistant P. vivax malaria has been reported in Vietnam. Two therap...

    Authors: Nguyen Chinh Phong, Marina Chavchich, Huynh Hong Quang, Nguyen Ngoc San, Geoffrey W. Birrell, Ilin Chuang, Nicholas J. Martin, Nguyen Duc Manh and Michael D. Edstein

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:10

    Published on:

  41. Content type: Research

    Malaria can be transmitted by blood transfusion from human to human and it is responsible for the majority of transfusion-transmitted infectious diseases worldwide. In sub-Saharan Africa, it had been estimated...

    Authors: Tobias Schindler, Tamy Robaina, Julian Sax, Jose Raso Bieri, Maximilian Mpina, Linda Gondwe, Ludmila Acuche, Guillermo Garcia, Carlos Cortes, Carl Maas and Claudia Daubenberger

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:9

    Published on:

  42. Content type: Methodology

    The erythrocytic stage of Plasmodium falciparum parasites in humans is clinically important, as the parasites at this growth stage causes malarial symptoms. Most of the currently available anti-malarial drugs tar...

    Authors: Takahiro Tougan, Yuji Toya, Kinya Uchihashi and Toshihiro Horii

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:8

    Published on:

  43. Content type: Research

    Plasmodium falciparum infection during pregnancy is a major cause of poor maternal health, adverse foetal outcome and infant mortality in sub-Saharan Africa. Genetic disposition is involved in susceptibility to m...

    Authors: Welmoed van Loon, Prabhanjan P. Gai, Lutz Hamann, George Bedu-Addo and Frank P. Mockenhaupt

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:7

    Published on:

  44. Content type: Review

    Malaria cases and deaths decreased dramatically in recent years, largely due to effective vector control interventions. Persistence of transmission after good coverage has been achieved with high-quality vecto...

    Authors: April Monroe, Sarah Moore, Hannah Koenker, Matthew Lynch and Emily Ricotta

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:6

    Published on:

  45. Content type: Methodology

    Global efforts to address the burden of malaria have stagnated in recent years with malaria cases beginning to rise. Substandard and falsified anti-malarial treatments contribute to this stagnation. Poor quali...

    Authors: Sachiko Ozawa, Daniel R. Evans, Colleen R. Higgins, Sarah K. Laing and Phyllis Awor

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:5

    Published on:

  46. Content type: Research

    Emerging resistance to anti-malarial drugs has led malaria researchers to investigate what covariates (parasite and host factors) are associated with resistance. In this regard, investigation of how covariates...

    Authors: Saeed Sharifi-Malvajerdi, Feiyu Zhu, Colin B. Fogarty, Michael P. Fay, Rick M. Fairhurst, Jennifer A. Flegg, Kasia Stepniewska and Dylan S. Small

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:4

    Published on:

  47. Content type: Research

    Nationally-representative household surveys are the standard approach to monitor access to and treatment with artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) among children under 5 years (U5), however these indica...

    Authors: Ruth A. Ashton, Bakary Doumbia, Diadier Diallo, Thomas Druetz, Lia Florey, Cameron Taylor, Fred Arnold, Jules Mihigo, Diakalia Koné, Seydou Fomba, Erin Eckert and Thomas P. Eisele

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:3

    Published on:

  48. Content type: Research

    Saglin, a 100 kDa protein composed of two 50 kDa homodimers, is present in the salivary glands of Anopheles gambiae and has been considered an essential receptor for sporozoites (SPZ) of Plasmodium berghei and Pl...

    Authors: David A. O’Brochta, Robert Alford, Robert Harrell, Channa Aluvihare, Abraham G. Eappen, Tao Li, Sumana Chakravarty, B. Kim Lee Sim, Stephen L. Hoffman and Peter F. Billingsley

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:2

    Published on:

  49. Content type: Research

    There has been significant progress in eliminating malaria in Iran. The aim of this study is to investigate the structure of inter-organizational collaboration networks in the field of unauthorized immigrants ...

    Authors: Ensiyeh Jamshidi, Hassan Eftekhar Ardebili, Reza Yousefi-Nooraie, Ahmad Raeisi, Hossein Malekafzali Ardakani, Roya Sadeghi, Ahmad Ali Hanafi-Bojd and Reza Majdzadeh

    Citation: Malaria Journal 2019 18:1

    Published on:


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